Softball Representative: Michael Davies






Recruiting New Players

(Of any level - mixed female and male teams)


What is SoftBall?

A slower version of baseball - the ball is bigger, pitched under arm allowing a much faster and flowing game of high runs.

A team is made up of 5 men and 5 women.

It is largely a social game played in a friendly spirit. Post-game debriefs are normally carried out at a nearby pub!

Standards of fitness vary dramatically amongst players. The minimum requirement is that you can run 21 yards without stopping! If you hit a home run, it involves running a total of 84 yards and this accolade is normally a good incentive for running that distance!

Beginners are welcome and equipment and coaching will be provided.

Anyone that is interested can contact Mike Davies, PIP 1 Trainer at Sedgley on 07890 392 771 and further information will be provided.      


Past Announcements

The Past two seasons have been a challenge for the Enforcers with recruitment of players a constant issue. It is a proud achievement that the team avoided having to forfeit any games in this period due to failing to field a team. The use of first-time rookies on a regular basis cost the team in terms of wins but by the end of 2018 we had a new core of reliable, enthusiastic, rookie recruits who will form the backbone of what should be a greatly improved team in 2019!


The Enforcers finished 4th out of five teams in Division 5 (this division is created halfway through the season from the bottom half of Division 4), winning five games and losing eleven with one incomplete game. We used an incredible total of 27 different players during the course of the seaon which made winning games a little more difficult. Even so, we only got "mercied" once throughout the whole season and that was in our very first game! We also recorded an emphatic win against the eventual Division 5 champions when we fielded our most experienced team.

Two of our junior players were selected for the GB U19's Fastpitch Squad in September which is a proud accolade for the team and will greatly strengthen us.


Softball is a friendly, sociable sport becoming ever more popular in the UK with the co-ed slow-pitch variety being by far the most popular. Each team must consist of at least 5 men and 5 women. It is a batting game with total run scores of 30 plus very common, unlike baseball where scores are usually in single figures. Previous experience of softball is not required and as the name suggests, the ball is pitched slowly in an arc over the plate, unlike baseball where the pitcher can launch it at speeds in excess of 90mph.
It is hugely popular in the US and most workplaces, including most police departments where they all have their own team. The US military have teams on every base as they are forbidden from playing the more injury-prone game of baseball! You will see US Army, Navy and Airforce teams at various tournaments around the UK and Europe wherever there are US bases.


The Enforcers are part of the Manchester Outlaws Softball Club and are based at Hough End Centre where all the training and meetings take place.

Training begins in early Spring on Sunday lunchtimes and on Monday evenings during the playing season from early May onwards.

All equipment is provided such as bats, balls, gloves and bases. Metal studs are forbidden so moulded studs or trail running shoes with some grip are the footwear of choice for running on grass in an English summer!


Whilst we are better off for male players than women at the moment, any man with some decent cricket or similar experience involving throwing and hitting a ball would be welcome. Ladies are always gratefully welcomed and those with sporting backgrounds particularly so.


If you think you fit the bill, please get in touch and give it a go! Help us get out of Division 4 and back into Division 3!

Mike Davies ( based at Bury Police Station on ext 64021

Greater Manchester Police Sports & Social Club Ltd. - The Hough End Centre, Mauldeth Road West, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 7SX, Fax: 0161 862 9122

For a full list of contact details please visit the contact page.