Judo Representative: Mark Montrose

Email: mark.montrose@gmp.police.uk

The Club

The club was established in 2006, by Mark Montrose and Gracie Juijitsu black belt Colin Robinson. The aim was to encourage officers to learn Judo, providing them with the skills to protect themselves out on the street. Judo is also an excellent way to build confidence, keep fit and provides opportunities to represent the force at Judo events. The club has evolved over the years and been successful in creating medal winning squads at the Police Sport UK National Judo competition each year.

The club train every Monday from 5pm to 7pm in the main sports hall at Hough End. It is a friendly environment that suits both advanced and beginners. For more info email: mark@gmpsportsclub.com


The Coach

Mark Montrose is a British Judo Association Black Belt 3rd Dan and UKCC Level 2 Judo Coach, Examiner and Mat-side Coach. He has been a long serving member of the British Police Judo Squad and multiple times National Police Judo Champion. He has represented the club both here and abroad fighting some of the best serving Judoka in the world.

Some of the medals Mark has won representing GMP are displayed in the club trophy cabinet, in the sports club.



2019 Squad

2019 Squad Surrey: Paul Camody, Chris Webster, Mark Montrose

2018 Squad

Cheshire Squad 2018:  Mark Montrose, Andrew Kenyon, Chris Webster

2017 Squad

Derbyshire Squad 2017: Mark Montrose, John Jacques, Salvatore De Sortis


2016 Squad

Dyfed Powys Squad 2016: Kier Hodgson, Mark Montrose, Drew McArdle, Steve Lowe, Simon Butler

2015 Squad

London Squad 2015: Dave Crewe, Andrew Kenyon, Gareth Taylor, John Goodwin, Mark Montrose, Kier Hodgson

2014 Squad

Scotland 2014 Squad: Andrew Kenyon, Simon Butler, John Goodwin, David Crewe, Drew McArdle, Gareth Taylor, Mark Montrose

2013 Squad

Scotland 2014 Squad: Andrew Kenyon, Simon Butler, John Goodwin, David Crewe, Drew McArdle, Gareth Taylor, Mark Montrose

2012 Squad

Newquay 2012 Squad: Paul Evans, John Goodwin, Dave Crewe, Mat Clempner, Paul Bradbury, Mark Montrose, Eugene Mole



GMP Medal Tally

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2006 1 3 3
2007 1    
2009   1  
2010 2 1 2
2011 3 2 3
2012 4 3 3
2013 3 3 3
2014 3 3 7
2015 3   4
2016 1 2 2
2017 1 1 3
2018   1 4
2019   2 2
Total 22 22 36


Police Sport UK Judo Nationals 2011.

Judo Gold Rush

Seven GMP players won six medals in the Police Sport UK National Judo championships, held at Surrey. The standard of Judo on display was of a very high level. SGT Mark Montrose of Full Force MMA , took a strong squad in the form of Pat Stanley (FFMMA), Tony Cregan (FFMMA), Chris Jackson (FFMMA ), Graeme Lawson (FFMMA) Andy Kenyon (FFMMA & Horwich Judo) and David Crewe (FFMMA & Rochdale Judo) to the competition, which was attended by 23 forces and over 100 entrants.

Mark Montrose fought in the under 100kg open grade mens category, the under 100kg veterans mens category and the veterans open grade/open weight, eventually having to settle for a bronze medal in the under 100kg Vets. Pat Stanley returned to action after his bronze medal win at Aberdeen 2010, to secure the gold medal in the Kyu grade mens under 90kg category, with some impressive Judo. Tony Cregan fought valiantly in the u81kg veteran category, which was riddled with international Judo talent, just missing out on the medals. Likewise Andy Kenyon showed future promise as a medal contender, when he entered the Mens under 100kg open grade category and the Mens open grade/open weight, only being stopped by the eventual winners. Chris Jackson showed skill beyond his Judo experience in the Kyu grade under 90kg Mens category, taking a bronze after narrowly missing out on the silver spot. Graeme Lawson looked down and out in the Mens Kyu grade under 100kg category, before impressively raising his game taking the gold medal in the mens Kyu grade open contest. David Crewe cruised to the gold medal position, in the under 90 Kyu open, with some slick ippon Judo, against some resilient opponents and also picking up a bronze medal, in the Under 90 Kyu Men.

* Next year’s championships are to be hosted by Devon & Cornwall Police and anyone interested in representing GMP – or just interested in starting judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai or MMA – can email Sgt 09207 Mark Montrose (J)Stockport Division. Full Force MMA would welcome any female officers interested in Judo, as their numbers are lacking.*




Police Sport UK Judo Nationals 2010.

Judo six pick up 5 medals

Four GMP players won five medals in the Police Sport UK judo championships. A large number of National & inter National Judokas attended the lottery funded Aberdeen Sports Village event, hosted by Grampian police. SGT Mark Montrose (FFMMA coach based at Hough End Police Club) a regular GMP contender and Silver medalist at last years competition hosted by North Wales, took his squad of six officers to the Nationals. Due to Op Protector the usual Judo players from GMP were unavailable. Officers Jenny Weeks (FFMMA), Pat Stanley (FFMMA), Tony Cregan (FFMMA),

 Paul Bradbury (FFMMA & Worsley Judo) and Craig Wallace (Bury Judo) stepped up to the plate to compete in their first Police Judo competition.

Mark Montrose led by example by swiftly winning Gold in the U100kg kyu cat and Bronze in the Veterans open grade/Open weight category

 after nine contests. Jenny Weeks used her MMA ground skills and recent Judo coaching to good effect, taking the Gold in the o74kg, after losing in the open category with a brave showing against experienced international judoka. Pat Stanley had to settle for bronze in a closely fought fight with Paul Bradbury who eventually took the silver in the u90kg kyu category. Both showed good skills and tenacity against more experienced opponents. Tony Cregan u90kg veteran category (open grade) shook off the ring rust after twenty years out, to cause more than a few problems for the eventual winners of the category. Likewise Craig Wallace U81kg (open grade) entered a pool of top class judo talent, eventually being thrown for ippon, to end his challenge.


At the evening medal presentation ceremony, awards were handed out by DCC McNab of the Grampian police, himself an experienced Jujitsu

 practitioner, who stated that the high level of judo displayed at the event entertained him. Thanks must go to Jason Moore of the Grampian police for what was a very enjoyable and well organised event.

Sgt Mark Montrose, wished to thank Steve Pullen MBE (Olympic Judo coach), Matt Clempner (Bolton Judokwai) and Colin Robinson (Gracie Barra Jujitsu) for their assistance in preparing the GMP squad for this competition.
* Next year’s championships are to be hosted by Surrey Police and anyone interested in representing GMP – or just interested in starting judo, Jujitsu, Muay Thai or MMA – can email Sgt Mark Montrose (J)Stockport Division.*



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