Brazilian Ju Jitzu

BJJ is a martial art and style of submission grappling which uses body position and leverage to control an opponent and achieve submission. It has been called the ‘gentle art’ and was developed in Brazil from traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu. The growth of UFC in the 1990s launched Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) internationally. BJJ techniques form a core element of MMA, leading to a surge of interest across the globe. BJJ has now established itself as a sport in its own right.  

  BJJ is a valuable sport for police officers which develops general strength and fitness along with  skill: often being described as ‘human chess’ and noted as beneficial to the mental wellbeing of those who train. These skills are readily transferable into self-defence situations. Training on the mats in a safe environment allows officers to gain experience of how to gain control of a resisting opponent and also minimise risk in a live environment.

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